Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Film Class Travels to Strand Theatre for First Field Trip

The Howe School's Film History and Appreciation class took their first field trip Tuesday night. They traveled to Sturgis to the Strand Theatre where they watched the new Bourne movie, The Bourne Legacy.

Film class had been watching the Bourne trilogy and discussing many aspects of a series- including continuity of characters, backstory, etc. 

After the movie was over, the discussions became very animated. It was entertaining to listen to the students debate their viewpoints. I am impressed with how involved the cadets became in the movie storyline.

The class’ critique of the movie was pretty severe. Out of 4 stars, the film class feels that The Bourne Legacy only rates 1 star. The star is given for great action scenes, but the students felt that the new film fell short in carry through with the legacy of Jason Bourne.

Mrs. Hoover

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