Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Blessing of the Barracks

Chapel started this year with a very special outdoor service: “The Blessing of the Barracks”.  The cadets gathered last Saturday - a beautiful afternoon, and began the service with song and prayers.  Each Company then went to their barracks and waited  for Chaplain Fleming and the cadet servers to arrive.   Before entering the barracks a blessing was offered for all who live within. “Peace be upon this place and all who live here”. The Cadets entered the barracks and a prayer and blessing was offered in the lounge areas.  Each cadet was offered the opportunity to have their individual room blessed.  This was repeated at each Company.  The service concluded with Holy Communion on the lawn and a great cook out provided by Sodexo Food Services. 

The service, according to Chaplain Fleming, is much like the traditional blessing of homes, where each room of the house is blessed.  The service was well received and one that will be offered again.  Thanks to those cadets who assisted: Cadets Samora, Jolicoeur, Walton, Yanakeff, Leisure, Proicou, Buckholdt, and Evan Phillips.  A special thank you to The Rev. Kathy Thomas, Rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Fort Wayne, who assisted with the service as well.


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